01 October 2017

Biodynamic and hair: why should we follow the lunar phases

In nature, equilibrium is what counts. Those who follow the biodynamic agriculture method know it well, because it is hardly connected to lunar phases.


First of all: what is the biodynamic agricolture?

The biodynamic agricolture is the purest formula of cultivation that considers the ground as living organism, and not as a simple tool.  

The keyword is harmony: between natureground and man in order to obtain fruits and plants healhy and strong without chemical substances.

The result? A stronger ground that can resist to climatic disadvantages and to parasitics without any need of harmful substances. 


Biodynamic agricolture vs. organic agricolture

The organic concept has affirmed before in the years and it is based on a lower environmental impact. The use of chemical fertilizers is promoted and avoided.

The biodynamic agricolture is even more complex: 100% natural substances are used to stimulate ground and plants, but it is also important to respect calendars in balance with the whole cosmo.

Here we find again the importance of the moon, of the costellations and planets that influence the lifecycles in order to offer the best of nature, in the best moment! 


The lunar calendar for the beauty and growth of the hair

“Nature” is not only what is found on the ground, but also that which is above us. The moon is that misterious star, object of continuous studies from men.

The Moon has an effect on plantings and harvest, it determines the ebb and flow of the tides, it even has an effect on births and enhances hair growth and beauty.

Doing cutaneous-capillary treatmens by following the phases of the moon can enhance the efficacy.

During waxing moon the roots absorb nourishment, sap in full swing, the plans grow strongly. It is the time to recharge the hair with moisturising, antioxidant and fortifying ingredients. During waning moon the pace slows down, as if resting, to be ready to start up again with the new moon. It is the right time to implement soothing, purifying and calming strategies, to let the scalp rest. 


Herbs & Clay: the 100% natural detox cleanser of biodynamic inspiration


Stressaggressive treatments and an intense daily life put the balance of your body to the test, and that includes your scalp and hair, to the sight reddened and irritated.

In Organic Way we have made a 100% natural and biodynamic treatment called Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser, because following lunar phases we can detox, strengthen, nourish and calm scalp and hair efficiently.  



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