80 GR

Purifying solid oil with antioxidant properties for cleansing face and body.


100% natural purifying solid oil obtained from the solidification of olive oil and other precious vegetable oils, with nourishing protective formula owing to its lipid-based composition.

With micro-exfoliating texture owing to the organic poppy petals, it eliminates toxins and impurifites and leaves the skin soft and velvety smooth.

De-stressing and energising aromatherapeutic fragrance owing to a mix of citrusy, aromatic essential oils.

Olfactory sensations

A mix of citrus and aromatic essential oils makes this aromatherapy fragrance ideal for a de-stressing and energising action.


Dampen Materia with water, then cleanse and rinse.

Plant-based active ingredients

Ehical Babassu Oil
Babassu oil forms a protective layer on the skin that controls transepidermal water loss, retaining moisture on the skin and prolonging the softening, hydrating effect over time. The Babassu used in Materia comes fromEthical trade and plays a vital role in the economy of the Amazon region because it offers work to local women, who break the nuts before the oil they contain is extracted.
Extra Virgin Biodynamic Olive Oil
Noble oil, symbol of the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil is obtained by the pressing of the first harvest of olives and it mantains its composition of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids intact. Materia oil comes from olives harvested with the biodynamic method, hence exceptionally healthy and pure because no pesticides, fertilisers or synthetic products are used on soil or plants.
Organic Poppy Petals
Rich in alkaloids, poppy has antioxidant, anti-aging and soothing properties. Its petals help preserve skin youthfulness. Their texture also performs a gentle mechanical peeling that frees the skin of toxins and impurities and leaves it velvety smooth.

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