Body glow selection

Fabulous body oil 140 ml + Detox body bath 280 ml


The perfect mix of anti-dryness elixir to release light from the body’s skin, giving it softness, freshness and elasticity.

Gift kit consisting of:

  • 1 140 ml Fabulous body oil: satinating and elasticising body oil-elixir - birch case
  • 1 Detox body bath 280 ml: detoxifying and anti-dryness shower gel

The kit will arrive at its destination already carefully packaged in an elegant gift box made entirely of paper and fabric and accompanied by a red card, which can be personalised with the name of the sender and of the recipient. Give a gift “FOR THE LOVE OF CHANGE”: the most sincere sentiments are demonstrated with facts.


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Body glow selection
    Body glow selection

    In stock


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