28 February 2020

Blonde hair with personality: caramel, honey, desert, but most of all healthy and shiny

Highlights, strong colours and healthy and nourished capillary fibres: the timelessness of blonde hair is given by correct bleaching and maintenance programs which enhance its nuances and glamour.

Whether it is an innate gift or the result of colour in the salon, blonde hair represents a demanding (and peerless) personality statement.

Stereotypes have long associated it with an outgoing personality, sometimes impish and exuberant. It was in fact Marilyn Monroe who deliberately and reductively stated: “Love me only for my blond hair”.

What is certain is that anyone who flaunts blonde shades is very clear about what they wish to convey. To do so, they must neutralise yellow or orange tones, aim for glowing shades and avoid the risk that over time, hair bleaching should devitalise or dry out the hair.

There is an aspect which unites all types of blonde and bleached hair: the need for a continuous and targeted maintenance program, for a customised routine for hair which will shine in its own right.

The ways of blondes are infinite

Have you ever wondered how many blonde types there are in actual fact?

To simplify, very often we group them into the classic macro categories of “light blondes” and “dark blondes”, or in the globally recognised “warm colours” and “cold colours”.

This is true, but the game is played out among many types of blonde hair, regardless of whether it is natural or decoloured, it is necessary to choose the one that brings out the complexion, enhances the features of the face, confers style and character to the expression.

Reverting to Marilyn, hers is the most topical and brilliant tone: the blonde par excellence, which perfectly frames a fair complexion and harmonious facial features.

One of the most talked about, ash blonde, is close behind as it is suitable for all complexions and can be managed on all lengths of hair. Platinum blonde represents a bigger risk as it needs a cold undertone, a nearly snow-white skin and constant maintenance. Otherwise: yellow tones, a weakening of the capillary fibre which undergoes bleaching and that annoying regrowth.

Among the most widespread we have caramel blonde, the guarantee of a perfect and natural look for those who feel brunettes, but want to show their warm and bright side, greyish blonde, the colder and chicer version, and purple blonde, the trendy and original choice which doesn’t go unnoticed.

All timeless shades (we could say ever blonde), which provide a fertile ground to indulge in chiaroscuro techniques and infinite trendy creations. The 2020 ones have one single indispensable commandment: to warm up the appearance with an intense and enveloping touch. Even better if versatile and easily wearable.


2020 trend: fine weather takes on naturalness

As we go towards spring, it’s not just the weather that warms up.

The red carpet on the night of the Oscars already spoilered some of the leitmotivs for medium-short haircuts in vogue at this stage of 2020, which are undoubtedly casualness and brightness.

The celebrities showcased a range of soft, sweet, reassuring blonde types, ideal for brunettes too. These are sophisticated hues, without excesses, with a delicate allure and a search for tone on tone highlights which ensure the hair is dynamic and full of light.

Glamorous versions and elegant shades have never before this year found such a perfect compromise: the warm tones of warm amber, lighter than caramel to please blondes and brunettes, and honey blonde, together with the pastel frame (peach blonde), which softens features giving a slight pastel and elegant peach touch, are all a big hit this year. Warm without revolutionising, enliven without giving up the cold starting nuances. Then there are the final real stars of this season: buttery blonde, sweet but not as warm as honey and desert blonde, dappled, blended and easy to wear. Light around the face and darker at the back of the hair, for an effect which plays on light and shade.

The palette is ready, now it’s time for the nitty gritty. And those who flaunt blonde hair know that what with bleaching and maintaining, matters get serious.

First, bleach without damaging

Usually, with the bleaching process all problems come to a head.

Despite blonde being a much sought-after colour, there are many fears and aftereffects that an incorrect management can lead to.

The degree of bleaching depends on the initial pigmentation of the hair and can therefore require a more or less aggressive application. Without taking into account the fact that the frequency of the treatment can be one of the trickiest enemies of the hair’s health, subjecting it to stress capable of leading to long-term consequences.

So: having cleared the decks of dangerous and destabilising products, we have the possibility of resorting to healthier solutions, which act progressively whilst fully respecting the capillary fibre. In the Oway salons we use Hbleach, the first bleaching cream without ammonia, based on Kukui butter and enhanced by the synergic action of three essential oils.

A product available to professionals in order to lighten by up to 5-6 shades, leaving the hair soft and elastic, without any ammonia fumes, perfume or volatility. Its effect is progressive and uniform, ensuring greater control of the bleaching level and preserving the hair’s health, thanks to the soothing property of organic Perilla, to the strengthening character of biodynamic lavender and to the nutritional properties of the ethical date.

Because, in fact, bleaching does not always mean stress and impoverishment.

But care and perseverance are required in order to shine

The unique shade you were looking for, the touch of personality and distinction that you felt you needed to fully express your decisive and positive nature, is now a reality.

In the salon you tried out the non-invasive treatment capable of lightening your face and illuminating your hidden features, but to keep this sought-after effect alive, commitment, endurance and attention are required. And, obviously, the right allies for the shade you are wearing.

With the Hblonde home maintenance program, the ball is in your hands.

To freshen up and enhance your very personal shade – whether golden or platinum, grey or caramel, ash or purple – and to neutralise unwanted tones, Oway has developed a range of tailor-made proposals, perfect for bleached, faded, dry or devitalised hair.

To nourish and freshen your shade of blonde, simply proceed by steps, applying yourself to maintenance from the roots to the tips: first cleanse your hair, alternating Hblonde hair bath with another Oway Care capillary bath, then hydrate with the mask indicated in your customised program and finally set the colour with the Color Protection Veil.

The Hblonde program guarantees the restructuring action of the fibre by means of the agricosmetic allies on the side of blonde hair: organic Mullein and biodynamic Dock, irreplaceable allies for brightness and vitality, and the ethical Date, the champion of elasticity and nourishment.

Now, over to you.

Because, after all: “with great power (and glory) comes great responsibility”.







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