29 September 2021

Discovering Clean Beauty

An interview with Elda, beauty consultant at Oway

1) Clean is a qualification that contains many different meanings. It means "cleaning" the formula from harmful and irritating ingredients, but also giving people the possibility to choose cosmetics that do not have an irreversible environmental impact. What, in your experience, should we pay attention to in order to have a truly sustainable beauty routine?

Recent studies reveal that each person uses at least 7 cosmetics daily. This is significantly higher for the female section. Multiply this value for every day of our life and we will perhaps have a greater awareness of how much a daily gesture can affect the health of our skin and of the planet.

Each product we apply is absorbed by the skin, and by our body, will be released in part into the environment.

We must not only consider the content - and therefore the residues of the products that, while cleansing, flow into the aquifers and into the ground - but also the packaging, which must be recycled, treated and disposed of. We are the microcosm and the planet the macrocosm: our every gesture has a resonance.

2) What information must the INCI of a formula that claims to be "clean" transmit to the consumer to be effectively transparent?

People are very careful but have only partial knowledge of the substances listed in the INCI that are potentially harmful to health. For this reason, having a legend which specifies the derivation of each ingredient present in the formula is something that can considerably help the consumer when making a choice. In Oway beauty tutti gli INCI delle etichette sono “parlanti”, perché viene specificata la provenienza degli ingredienti presenti nella formula. The freshness and naturalness of a raw material are important features.

3) Obtaining all the guarantees of respect for the planet is a decision-making lever, but it is certainly not everything for those looking for an ally to be included in their beauty routine. In this sense, have you noticed a greater propensity by people to prefer "clean" products also and mainly because of their beneficial properties on the skin?

Today we are more educated towards respecting the planet and we are aware of the fact that any approach we embrace leads to a direct effect on it. People want high-performance products that are also “clean”. People who experience the Oway rituals in my beauty salon immediately notice the result and effectiveness of the products and build up loyalty for both their ethical content and for their performance.

4) A formulation faithful to the principles of clean beauty therefore provides for removing all toxic substances but also, and necessarily, for replacing them with precious raw materials of natural origin, whose effectiveness is not inferior. Can you provide us with some examples of products or treatments that have proved to be differentiating precisely in relation to this aspect?

Glowing face gommage is a red clay-based product whose micro granules are able to smooth the oxidations present in the pores of the skin and in micro-wrinkles, immediately illuminating the face. It is a mechanical peeling, whose super active ingredient is Epilobium, a flower that reduces the enzyme responsible for the formation of sebum and keeps the texture of the product soft and pleasant. This alchemy makes it particularly performing. The result is immediate: a purified, lightened and hydrated skin.

5) Based on your experience, would you be able to identify new requests or new interests in the field of clean beauty? Has people's awareness towards this trend increased?

People want to feel good. The task of a person like me, who works in contact with customers, is to educate and inform, by ensuring they experience the rituals.

The attention towards clean cosmetics is a virtuosity which involves consumers of all ages and that opens up to the objects that surround us, with a renewed awareness towards quality materials and to precious raw materials that last over time, such as those at the base of the Relaxing face roller.

We have gone back to consuming less to consume better. I believe everyone loves being surrounded by beautiful, sustainable, quality objects. It is a new, as much as an ancient, awareness.

Elda Oway Beauty consultant


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