08 July 2017

How to repair damaged hair?

Sun, salt, and chlorine cause great stress to the length of the hair. Are there really effective remedies for damaged hair?

Sun, salt, and chlorine cause great stress to the length of the hair. If we also add excessive heat sourcesurban smog and environmental factors, your hair may be more damaged, dull and weak and, as a result, less manageable during hairstyling and less ready for colouring and bleaching treatments.

Are there really effective remedies for damaged hair?

To strength and to repair cuticle and shaft a professional treatment in salons is needed. 

It is really possible to repair damaged hair? The answer is yes, with a serious and professional method that will begin with a diagnosis of the capillary structure in order to study which constitutive components of the hair must be reinstated.

In fact, unlike the skin, hair is not always being able to regenerate all alone and they need deep actions on the whole stem. 

What makes up the hair?

Further to oligoelements as iron and zinc and free fatty acids, the main protein of hair is the keratin. This is really important that reconstruction treatments are composed of keratin’s amino acids, to give body and structure to the fibre. Hair will be more and more healthy, strong and bright day by day. They will be also be able to tolerate thermal and oxidant stresses. Keratin can’t be able to penetrate deeply without water, another important component of hair.

To rebuild hair with the help of professional treatments

In order to repair the capillary fibre in the best way possible, it is necessary to rebuild the hair in salon with a cycle of professional treatments studied for that.

Every professional treatment has to begin with a professional diagnosis of the type of hair, for which it is advisable to resort the scientific support of TRICHO-ANALYZER to study a personalised plan studied for every demands and to the point of departure of each.

Cold technologies help to allow a great absorption and more lasting result, such as the infrared and ultrasound iron OW Infrared Hair Remedy. In the field of hair care, infrared rays are used to treat damaged hair tissue. Heating is produced by electromagnetic vibrations of the infrared ray, which is not harmful. Ultrasound ar

e exceptional carrying agents that optimize any treatment.


For how much time you will have to do rebuilding treatment

To get the best result and extend it over time, you need to complete a cycle of 5 professional treatments in the salon (one per week). The number of treatments will be better defined by the initial evaluation with professional depending on the degree of damage or depletion of the hair.

Equally important is maintenance: home treatment will ensure stable results, reinforcing the capillary structure more and more. Do not forget for your own beauty routine that the brushes are not all the same!

To keep the lengths healthy and not to frustrate the results obtained from the reconstruction, let’s choose brushes with wooden teeth that are delicate on the skin and hair and do not tear the lengths.   

OW Rebuilding starts in the salon and continue at home

OW Rebuilding is the method that rebuild damaged hair due to technical treatments, mechanical stresses, environmental aggression and thermal tools.

The Intensive Treatment with carrier and protein serum is added by the professional in the salon to beneficial concentrates for a deep reconstruction on the capillary stem. The hair bath and the mask complete the service and are fundamental both in the salon and at home. OW Contatto is the 100% eco-friendly OW brush with certified wooden teeth and washable rubber, a gentle tool on the length and on the skin. 


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