11 December 2020

Winter 2020/2021 colours: the real trend is to escape this greyness

Essential like the earth tones, intense like the inspirations borrowed from the food world, enveloping like a bright and luminous nuance. This season's hair colour trends warm the features and revive personalities.

Beyond trends and inspirations, one thing is certain: in the world of hair dyes, seasonality is a must.

The passing of the months influences nature and its fruits, conditions eating habits and the ripening of the ingredients in our kitchen, but also changes the perspective through which we see ourselves in the mirror.

To rekindle the colour of our hair - and to shake off the haze and monotony of complicated times - instinct leads us to restart from the warm tones of the earth, speaking the easy and immediate language of food. To discover that - from caramel to cinnamon, from chocolate to coffee, from butter to wheat and from almond to vanilla - there are many nuances which share their vocabulary with food.

Winter trends: warm, vivid and bright colours to shine once again

We said it: the only true axiom of this second half of the year for many (if not all) is the desire to express themselves again: in their work, free time, their ambitions and their relationships. In short, in all aspects of a normal life: as the saying goes, an existence... of ordinary exceptionality.

If this 2020 has changed our perceptions and upset certainties, it has actually made us aware of one thing, namely of the need to shine a light on our strengths and to do so, if possible, by making sure we can keep the spotlight on that result over time.

This is true in general, but it applies perfectly to the choices we make as regards the colour of our hair. After months spent in "retreat", in the greyness of waiting for normality to return, it is time to give voice to our desire for bright, brilliant, warm and enveloping shades.

A free rein then to amber shades and earth colours, from the most intense and vibrant chestnut browns to reds and copper, but also to classic blondes refreshed by a touch of pink. Far from the classic concept of colours, the most requested shades today are also sustainable - that is, easily wearable and which can be touched up at home, for obvious reasons - but above all lively, harmonious and nuanced, to enhance the potential of the face and light it up with a new, rediscovered light!

Red and chestnut brown colours: shimmering hair that lights up with infinite reflections

Brown, it can be said, is the colour that never goes out of fashion.

But another undeniable truth is that brown is a very multifaceted world, difficult to categorise, which includes many shades and tones among its musts. We therefore range from ashy browns, a middle ground between light brown and cold blond, to the contrast between darker roots and lighter locks, with chocolate, coffee and hazelnut palettes.

Among coppery glints and full and melting shades, the goal of this autumn-winter season is to obtain a soft and full-bodied result, satisfying the desire not to distort one's look and to enhance the naturalness of the effects.

Among the key words, in recent months, "movement" stands out. Warm and cold tones are thus mixed to emphasise the movement of the hair, the personal characteristics and the contour of the face, seeking the chromatic harmony of a chiaroscuro effect which must be as personalised as possible.

Red is another leading player of this season. Having reiterated the leading role of coppery colours which, democratically, revive both red, blond and brown, the coolest choices of autumn-winter 2020/2021 must include cherry red, a vibrant and intense red and bright red: bold and destabilising by definition.

Ash blonde, vanilla blonde, pinkish blonde and auburn/honey textures

An evergreen never goes out of fashion, it must be said: blond keeps its top place among the most requested colours.

Although there are infinite shades, this year the podium is firmly held by velvety, slightly coppery, ash and vanilla hues. To remain in the semantic field of food, among the must-haves of the season we must also include all those blonde shades which are inspired by almond, soy, oats (and grains in general).

For those who love blond hair, one way to go (and one that is often taken this year) is that of highlights in shades of honey and warm butter: a very sophisticated fashion effect, which gives the hair a warm and golden look. Pink shades are also climbing the ranks of the most requested nuances among those for colouring blond hair.

Alongside rose gold, ash blond also features among the leading blondes of the autumn season. A very special blond, in perfect harmony with nature, which frees itself from the need for warm shades and disrupts expectations by preferring to streak the hair, remaining halfway between light brown and dark blond.

The light and bright vanilla blond, the great protagonist of the first part of the year, holds its ground, and the chiaroscuro contrasts are gaining ground.

Contouring and glowing: when the universe of hair meets the world of make-up

Think about it: make-up and hair dyes, after all, play the same game.

Both start from a careful chromatic analysis and, in full respect of the complexion and features, try to give harmony to the face by enhancing its morphological characteristics.

If the same principle of contouring is applied to hairstyling, the result can only be tailored, completely personalised, unique and made to measure. Thanks to this technique and to the chromatic play between light and dark tones, different depths are obtained for the hair, lighting up some parts of the face and partially obscuring others. A bit like, in photography, the choice of placing some elements in the foreground and of relegating others to the back in order to emphasise your strengths.

If one of the great needs of 2020 - alongside the movement and three-dimensionality of the hair - is brightness, there is another make-up technique which can be superimposed on the world of hair colouring. This is glowing, that is the ability to make the hair bright and shiny, reviving it with soft and well-calibrated shades so as not to betray its natural effect.

It is appropriate to say: naturalness is trendy.

And in a period which has rekindled our bond with the earth and its balances, with the seasons and their rhythms, with nature’s heartbeat… it could only be like this.


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